Who we are

Illumine Life is an organization established to assist people in mastering healthy, transformative processes. We work with subscribers to recognize dysfunctional patterns in their daily life. The audio only exercises provided in our system work to enable the subscriber to launch personal inquiries into the self. This self inquiry will assist the subscriber to recognize beliefs and narratives that are concomitant with attachment and resistance. We work with the members to gently recognize those patterns of conscious and in as much as is possible, unconscious thought and behavior and to then commit to exercises that assist with release or modify the patterns to then be able to interact with life in a more spontaneous, productive manner.
When a person becomes aware of their resistance to growth by way of rigid belief they can use techniques and exercises within Illumine life to create change in their lives. We focus on supporting mastery through the process of application of discipline and effort. When a subscriber joins the Illumine Life program, they enter into a partnership of comprehensive support and connection. We believe that compassionate and comprehensive connection creates an environment for the Illumine Life member to flourish and grow into a greater expression or version of themselves.

What we do

The Illumine Life program relies on simple and coherent methods of engaging the user in the format of mindfulness or focus oriented exercises and other practical programs to facilitate change through repetition and mastery. We are focussed on working with our members to utilize the exercises routinely and methodically to achieve lasting results in their lives. Our goals as an institution are to create success for our members through a close partnership that gently promotes release, growth and transformation on several levels of the member's awareness and beliefs. We have an continually expanding system of programs and exercises that engage the members to work towards development goals. You could parallel what we do for the mindedness of our members with what a fitness club does for the body of a person. Where there is physical fitness for the body in the gym, there is personal, psychical awareness fitness for the Illumine Life member and participant.

Our Process and Philosophy

Illumine Life is based on ideas derived from cognative science and philosophy of mind that support the actualization of fluid, spontaneous perception and awareness. We focus more on the process of practical inquiry and less on the mystical. We invite people of all beliefs to engage the work to see if it resonates with their beliefs and sensibilities. We rely less on speculative jargony methods and more on the very simple premise that there is s greater salience afforded us as conscious creators then we may be aware of. We seek to encourage our members to push the boundaries of limited belief in the power of the self as a creative and resilient change maker.
This work is not passive and it's not a quick fix. This work is part of your lifelong journey and we will work to insure that your training with us will be done with expedience in mind. In other words, we want you to grow out of our program in a relatively short amount of time. Your success and departure from our program is the greatest achievements we could hope for.
 We expect to be able to train and equip you to move through the support with us and free yourself to navigate life on your own without the need for ongoing support. We hope that our successful members will be able to move out on their own and live their lives with the skills they garnered here.